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Thread: Why?

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    I'm at work yesterday morning at our main office, and get a call to return to the job site. I get there, and an old friend is sitting in our conference room, shaken up about something. I start talking to him, and find out that his daughter (my daughter and sons friend) had been killed. For those of you in O.C. you probably read about this in Mondays O.C. Register, 15 Y.O. killed in the local section. Come to find out this guy is an illegal with no license, no insurance, hit their vehicle after running a red light (which caused her to be ejected), ran from the scene, and was twice the legal limit. I am not starting a "hate thread" here, so if you chose to use this as a platform, don't. I am just needing to vent about this, and the fact that it has affected every memeber of my family. It's tragic what happened, so why do people still get blind drunk and drive?? Be it behind the wheel of a car/boat/motorcycle/plane? People just don't realize that they can in fact kill another human being by their stupidity. We see it every day, day after day. Sorry, just really needed to vent about this...

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    didn't clarify, the illegal was the one who hit my friends truck...sorry...

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    Mrs. Restless22
    Im so sorry about your family and friends loss...
    People are foolish, and ignorant to the law, its a horrible thing that we have to live with. Im so sorry....
    Did they ever find this guy?

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    yes, luckily someone chased him down....hope he rots in jail for the rest of his life.

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    No need to apologize about venting here. You wouldn't say sorry to a friend after explaining what happened. And since we're all a big community of boaters here, it's not necessary. I have a friend who just had his car totaled by an illegal, no license, overloaded vehicle.
    He came away angry, and I'll remind him how lucky he is just to have come away:frown:

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    I am so sorry to here about this.. Our prayers are with you, your family and of course the family of the little girl that was killed.. This is not right.. who do these people think they are.. they take a life of an innocent person.. and for what , to run free and go back where they came from for a few months then come back and do it again.. this is such a sad ****ing country.. when is it going to stop? the problem is it won't stop , it will just get worse.. why don't they just put a f**king live wire around the whole f**kin state and fry their asses when they try to cross.. I'm sorry for the rant, but this little girl had her whole life ahead of her and some drunk illegal killed her.. why just because he is a stupid f**k ..
    again I am sorry for the loss that you all have.. I hope the prayers will help everyone involved will help..

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    Sorry to hear about that Ntwotrance:frown: Hopefully you can give your friend the support he needs right now.

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    Hence, one of the reasons I quit drinkin`.
    Sorry to hear of the loss bro. Prayers go out to his family.

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    Im so sorry to here about any death of anyone especialy yungins I have been living my life in total paranioa since my dauhter was born in 11/01 This paranioa has lead me to giving up my finantial freedom and staying home with my dauhter. It just hurts me to think of anyone ever having to sendthere child to rest. As for the unlicenced W/B I cant say or I wont be allowed back.

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    I have heard that in Santa Ana it happends all the time...
    The Illegals have a shit car, they get pulled over for DUI.... They take the car and let the person go because there nothing they can do ...
    For instance, If they wewre to arrest ...They go to jail, get let out the next morning & never show up to court, Their names and ID they have is fake - so they forfiet teh car and that it... a forfited $ 500-700.00 pice of shit....... However , they take a swing at teh cops or get pissed when they los the car on the spot and the cops react... they dial 222-2222...... The cops know it, they want a clean recoird, so they let it go......
    Now travel 5 minutes away to Costa Mesa Or Newport where they nail peopl in BMW's & Merc's... they trial lawyers and City DA's have a racket going !!!
    This is the truth ........the sad truth

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