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Thread: Water leak found

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    Last season boat always did leak a little water in...figured I would fix when I rebuilt...
    Rebuilt raw water hose...
    Boat runs great..but still had water coming in..but only at speed...never when docked...could set for 2 weeks and no water...just like last season...hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Ok..had wife get boat up on plane..with me all contorted in painfull manner looking at any place water could be coming in...seen a small spray coming from above the gimble bearing... eek! ...
    But all is good was just the speedo had a small tear right at the nipple..that allowed water to spray..cut 1/2 inch of tube off...slid back on nipple...and hot more water...
    So I figured I might not be the only one to have this problem...and it might help some others

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    Same exact thing just happened to me. Took me a few trips to figure it out. Pretty frustrating.

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    Similar situation here. Only one of my buds did it to me.
    We were at powell and I had inavertantly washed him down with my rooster when I passed him.
    His get back was to pull the speedo tube off the back of the speedo and tape it to the underside of the dash so that when I came on plane it sprayed me.

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    ahhhh...LOL.. devil

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