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Thread: Think About This When You Sit On The Toilet Today

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    LONGVIEW, Texas - A Texas woman has struck oil — or maybe it struck her.
    Leila LeTourneau returned from work late Monday to find crude oil covering her home’s floors and spilling from the toilets, bathtub and sinks.
    Experts have told her the oil kind of “burped up.”
    Longview city crews and representatives from Basa Research, which owns some wells in the area, are trying to help find the source of the oil.
    Local station KLTV reported one theory is that the house may have been built on an abandoned well that wasn’t properly plugged.
    “I always tease people about ’doesn’t everybody in Texas have an oil derrick in the back yard?’ Then when I came home I discovered I struck oil inside the house,” LeTourneau said.
    She and her son are now staying at a hotel.

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    I can't believe the news people fell for that story. Looks like she had some bad mexican food and let loose!!!

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    Tom Brown
    You know... it may look rough but when you're cramping up after that breakfast burrito, it would still get the job done.

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    I'll bet the oil co. is helping to locate the $ource. Then they can put in their own well$. I wonder if she own'$ the oil right$
    under the hou$e? But if thing's go like normal then she won't get squat! and will have to pay the oil co. for the clean up!!

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    When I bought my house the realtor wanted me to sign a release saying I give up my rights to any possable natural resorces located on my property. I said no way, but agreed to 50% ownership. Is this common when purchasing property? I wish I had some of that stuff oozing up around my house!

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    I heard an update on the radio this morning. It seems that the Longview city utility workers were supposed to connect a sewer line to the municipal system. Instead, they uncovered a saltwater disposal line (saltwater is commonly found in oil wells) that was fed by a sump pump and tied their line into it.
    When the pump cycled on, it flooded the house.....

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    Hey, Thats what the toilet usually looks like in Desert Center

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    Looks like the can in the bathrooms at the RoadRunner...

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    Originally posted by hboldno7
    Hey, Thats what the toilet usually looks like in Desert Center
    nah, there's no holes in the walls

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    Yea I've seen the toilets at Ludlow look like that on the Holiday weekends too!

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