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Thread: boat ladder?

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    How many of you carry around a ladder so you can wipe down the top deck of your boats?
    If there was a way for you to carry around a small three step ladder that was equal to about a 4 or 5 step ladder that only weighed about 25# and folded to about 3" x 12" x 3'. Would any of you out there think about getting one, just to make your wipe down sesson faster and easier not to mention you could launch your boat alone and also load from the side.
    Just courious??

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    RJ Nordic
    Always interested in stuff. Can never have too much
    Let's see some pictures. Price?
    Was nice seeing you at the show. Didn't get to talk much, hope you closed you deal with the couple on the party/deck boat.

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    Drunk tank
    ummm.... I can reach every part of my boat just standing beside it... I think I'm gonna have an inferiority complex now, I just realized I got a little boat :frown:

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    Ladder to reach the deck of the boat?!?!?!?!
    WOW, I dont have a little boat, I have a tiny boat!

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    I'll have some pics in a few days, the ads will be coming out in Hot boat mag soon.
    I'm just trying to get a feel for the market out there, not sure if this is something that will fly but hell I know it makes it a lot easier to wipe down the deck of a boat or snap the cover on the boat.
    It's NOT going to be a cheap thing, but it is a GREAT thing when you use it.
    I'll post some pics and a copy of the ad soon, if your REALLY interested........

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    Quality Time
    Looking forward to the pics and pricing
    Would be nice if it fit in a trailer box.

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    what are the deminsions of the trailer box
    I may beable to make it fit

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    Dusty Times
    That would be great for wiping down the boat and for boarding over the deck in colder weather if it was stable on the beach. At that size it sounds like you could carry it in your boat.

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    Quality Time
    Don't know, haven't put one on yet, but plan on doing so.

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