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Thread: 454 Alcohol Motor Build up

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    Ok, as some of you know I am going to school for building motors. Anyway, my first motor is going to be a 454 alcohol motor with mechanical fuel injection.
    I started off with an old block that was in my garage. The motor came off the green schaida I bought off Jordan Paulk a while back. It was DOA, so it just sat in my garage. Well, I was racking my brains, trying to think of a cool project for school, but something a novice builder can do in a semester. I ruled out the blown alcohol deal. I have all the parts in my garage to do blown alky but I thought I would start out a little more tame, as you can really destroy a blown alcohol motor very easily if it hicups and I am on a budget.
    So, in my garage I have this old school hilborn injector system that is set up for alcohol, and I have this beat up 454. I decided to just use what I have and build a NA alky motor with mech fuel injection. This will give me the knowledge I need in fuel injection before I build my next blown motor and also a taste of high performance, high rpms.
    So far, I tore the block down. The pistons were junk, the tops were melted so I threw them away. The crank needs to be grinded, so I am going to sell and find one that's standard.
    I threw the block in the school's cleaning oven and washed it. Then I started to measure. So far it looks pretty good except the fat that it's a two bolt main deal. In fact, the block is a virgin. I measured the bores and they almost have zero taper. The bores measure out at about 4.2557 more or less. The only problem with the bores is some surface rust. I am going to hone them out and then remeasure. I think I can get some forged pistons and they will work without boring over size since cast slugs were in there and forged require more clearance. The mains were all prefecly round. I put a straight edge across the mains and there is no deviation, not even .0005 between them. Actually, a really nice piece.
    So, next class I am going to clean the bores and start calling around to see what size pistons will work. I am going to run a 4" crank and want to get a 13:1 dome piston. Probably run 119cc rect heads (I need to find some cheap ones) and I have not decided on rods yet....
    Next Monday, pictures to come.....

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    Blown 472
    Sounds like fun.

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    I will be in Irwindale to pick up a machine Sat morning. No plans rest of day. Sunday, the Long Beach swap meet. That said:
    I have 2 454 steel cranks available. I can bring either.
    I have several sets of aluminum rods .250 long.
    I have a very serious roller unblown camshaft
    Many sets of 3/8 stainless valves 2.19 and 1.880
    Several sets of used pistons but all .090 or .100 over.
    I can check the block for straightness if you bring the block. Straight edge means nothing. Main bore size should be 2.937 to 2.938 with 2.9375 and straight being desireable. I can bring dial bore gauge and measure for you if needed.

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    I will cruise up there with my block if I can still get it out of my school locker. Are your cranks standard? I am looking for a cheap build here. Let me know. I will PM you my cell phone number so we can meet.

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    this should be good. fiat will take good care of you i have talked with him about cams he is good.

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    Originally posted by HALLETT
    this should be good. fiat will take good care of you i have talked with him about cams he is good.
    Is your boat running? How'd things work out?

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    Block straightness check bar. .0005 under low spec ground bar.

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    The bar I used was about 1/4 that girth of that and I was just using a feeler gauge.

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    Blown 472
    You put that monster in the mains and torque them?

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    Ive got a set of big chamber oval ports if you want, Ill let em go cheap. They cam off of a running motor...

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