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    I have a 1966 Vette 427 Engine. It was rebuilt a couple of years ago and I put it in a 65 3/4 Ton P/U. It is fun to drive and suprises a lot of people, (truck is pretty ragged looking), but is way to much motor for the truck. So...... I got to thinking. What if I transplnat it into my boat.
    It is 2000 21' Glastron with a 5.7GSi 280hp at the prop motor, hooked up to a 2000 Volvo SX/Duoprop drive. The boat weighs in at around 3250# loaded and runs 65 on the GPS now.
    1. Is the motor at, 425 HP & 475FTLBS of torque, too much for the drive.
    2. What are the hurdles I face in switching out with the BB.
    3.Cam suggestions, manifold, or ???
    4. REALLY-REALLY important question how much faster would the boat be????

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    Hey Shellschock:
    I work for a medical device manufacturer
    in oc. I am always looking for new people
    to bring fresh ideas in. If you wouldn't
    mind send me a copy of your resume.
    [ October 14, 2002, 04:08 AM: Message edited by: v-drive ]

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    Pretty Happy in current job, but alwayys lookin for better stuff. I'll send resume this week.

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    The drive should handle the power, as Volvo's have always been over built The glastron is a family boat, though. The bottom probably has some hook in it which means the addition of power won't do much for you, and you are going to definitely lose some comfort and drivability by getting rid of the EFI and digital ignition. If it was me, I would go for bolt on mods and leave that engine in there.

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