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Thread: Sleet/freezing rain/ice storm.

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    We are buried in ice here, cable's out now, and I am offline
    off and on.
    Can't get up the driveway, can't hardly walk on it.
    Not that cold, 29* right now, BUT
    About 1/4 inch of ice on everything now, and gonna get a lot worse overnite.
    How's the weather in your area?

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    Same ice crap on the ground here, but it's about 3/4" thick and now tonight it has started to snow so the snow on the ice is real fun. Supposed to turn to rain by morning. Just great, I get to work in this crap again. Temp has been pretty warm lately though, we have had highs in the 20's instead of single digits like last week or so.

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    Tim what is your forecast for Sat? Supposed to meet Sleekcraft76 in Wytheville Sat. morning, to deliver a boat. Keep me posted on turnpike conditions on your end if you would.

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    our forcast,
    44* and rain.
    28* and scattered rain showers.
    29* gusty winds and snow showers in the afternoon. 1-3 inches accumulation possible.
    29*/ partly sunny.
    Let me know if and when you decide to go.
    I'll ride down and back with you if you'd like the company.

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    The highways and main roads are in pretty good shape today.
    I got up the driveway at lunchtime but it's still covered in ice.
    That's I-77 you can see in the uppermost part of the pic.

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    Snowing like crazy. Expecting 8-10" before it's over.

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    Cold rain drizzly rain right now, will watch the weather in a few minutes and then talk to sleekcraft 76 and make a decision on the trip. A friend is going down with me, I will get in touch with you later on this evening.

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    Just great :frown: the first Winter I buy a new Snow Thrower...and all's I need is a friken Umbrella

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    John, looks like it's gonna get pretty foggy tonight.
    Give me a call, I'll PM you my #
    Took this pic at 5:30

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    fat rat
    Originally posted by HammerDown
    Just great :frown: the first Winter I buy a new Snow Thrower...and all's I need is a friken Umbrella
    You could have brought it down here a week and a 1/2 ago..............I shoveled for two nites solid...............oh my aching back! :wink: Oh $10 buck kids moved on i'm stuck doing it myself.

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