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Thread: Lab finished props

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    Ok just bought new boat with the 26 pitch mercruiser prop. I want to have the prop lab finished and cupped. I live in So. Cal. Does anyoe know of a good shop or shops? Thanks

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    I use Kevin @ RR Prop shop in Henderson NV.He worked my Bravo One for me .Great job and he great to work with! Hey hows the new boat? Got to love the way they do things @ Cougar. Almost forgot the phone # 702 564-7502. Tell him that Al from Medford sent you AL

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    I love this new boat! The quality of work is far beyond anything I have seen allthe way down to the wiring. I climbed into the sponsons and turned around to look at the back of the gauges and saw that every wire was perfect. Then we went for a ride in it. Man does it handle like a dream. Oh and thanks for the tip I will try and call them to see what they say.

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    York Propellers in Anaheim 714-773-5444. He does great work and has an excellent performance reputation. Corner of Orangethorp and Placentia near the 57 fwy.

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    York worked a 26 pitch Merc Chopper for me about 5 years ago. Turned out beautiful.

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    I am fairly new to the hot boat seen and have not put too much thought into blue printing a prop. Is it worth the $ if you are running less than 400 hp? I have an old-school Lavey 21 (1987) with a Ford/OMC 460 King Cobra its rated at 340 hp stock. She runs 60 mph on gps under the right conditions. I run a 22p 4-blade Stiletto stainless prop. Its from Overtons. Would it be worth my time and money to blue print this set up or just leave it alone? She runs very strong up to about 4400 rpm and thats all she'll do. I also have a 24p OMC 3-blade stainless but its a little slow off the line. I havn't gps this prop yet, but I'm guessing its running about 62-63mph with this set-up.
    Thanks in advance for the help.
    ps, what does it cost to have this done?

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    Called both rr prop in NV and York propellers in Anahiem and RR prop was 200.00 plus costs me shipping... York was 175.00 and I am close enough to deliver it to them Both say 10 days. So I need to wait until I know I am not going to the river for at least 10 days http://free.***

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    Havasu Sun
    Give Bronson/Hill props in Santa Ana a call!!

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    Guy's you get what you pay for! Kevin at R&R is the prop God in my book I spent over 6K with him last year alone and I can honestly say he does what he says he'll do and on time I might add, I could have went anywhere in the world but I tryed a set of his props and want go anywhere else and I live in N.C.

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    Havasu Sun
    6K ? Sounds like you are part owner in the Business!!!!!!

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