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Thread: Paging That Jeff Guy

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    I'll take one of those stickers--classic. Especially after spending some time in the hospital today for kidney stones. it hits a little closer to home tonight

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    shame on u for wanted one of those ugly stickers

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    Not easy trying to pass BOULDERS through a 2mm diameter urinary trac , is it?
    Hope they gave ya something to help easy the pain for the next day or so. Hope ya feel better!

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    Originally posted by COMMANDER FAN
    shame on u for wanted one of those ugly stickers
    Bottom half looks just great, top half was for my own purpose
    Yeah Roz, it ain't a pleasurable thing, thats for sure..hit me real sudden at work wed nite, felt like someone stabbed me in the gut. Vicoden is happy stuff

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    good answer ZIGGY I like u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    hope u feel better so u can take out your COMMANDER SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Wanna hear something funny? Vicaden keeps me up at night, like a tweaker!

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