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Thread: 1in. coupler needed

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    Speedin' Ian
    DragboatDad and myself need a good 1in. coupler for our flatty. Anyone got one?

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    I've got a four bolt steel one That I will sell for $600.00.... and I will pay the shipping.

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    Speedin' Ian
    Are you reffering to the coupler that connects the v-drive to the prop shaft? If so I was unaware they cost that much and I was under the impression they had more like eight bolts.

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    Ian Call Joey Grose @209 368-2571
    He has them in Stock for $135

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    Ian, if you're considering Smalls' offer I'll sell you mine out of the Sanger for 550.00

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    Speedin' Ian
    Thanks Sangerboy, your offer is tempting but I think I'll have to go with Jetboatguru on this one

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    Originally posted by Jetboatguru
    Ian Call Joey Grose @209 368-2571
    He has them in Stock for $135
    man, I wish they would get a smiple web site up so I know what all they have. I know they do all the bad ass shit but I have to go to the races to see it.
    Beaverfab from here on the boards makes a nice one too.

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    Not sure if it's the right size but I found one for $96.00 in stainless.
    It's 3" long with 1" bore.

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    Speedin' Ian
    Thanks for the heads up Brad I'm not sure how long they are supposed to be. The one on ours is fine, we would just prefer a stronger one. I'll go check ours later this afternoon and see what it measures out at

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    e-bay under v-drives...5 bucks

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