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Thread: **Welcome Steve Singhal**

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    79 HUSTLER

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    79 HUSTLER
    Anything new these days Steve??

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    welcome aboard steve.. I take it you know some people around here.. I would watch out for that 79hustler guy.. He's a doozie.. J/K

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    79 HUSTLER
    mrs v. I think you need to be figuring out your color scheme for your new ride . Congrad's it will be alot of fun.

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    79 HUSTLER
    hello "Commander Fan", "Steve" are you there. Can you hear me, can you hear me now!!

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    LMAO!! Not sure on the colors yet..
    Who is this guy and do you really know him? or does he know himself.. I think he got wacked..

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    Originally posted by 79 HUSTLER
    hello "Commander Fan", "Steve" are you there. Can you hear me, can you hear me now!!
    Now is this where I say they suck.. But I've never owned one and by the looks of some threads on here .. I never will..

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    You ready for the poker run?.. are you going to put the blower on for it?

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    79 HUSTLER
    flyin v- They (commander) wouldn't even give me the time of day, a lil to young for them, they asked me what a made $$ and thought it was a joke and showed me some used boats on the side of their shop. One looked like a jet boat that had been converted to an outboard from wal-mart that these ****tards took in on a trade.

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    are they stupid.. age shouldn't matter. they are stupid.. commandor my ass.. there are better boats out there.. if they don't (or anyone) give you the time of day because of stuff like that .. tell them to kiss your ass and find someone that will help you..what pussy's

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