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    i bought this system and never used it the bottle is full, the bottle has the high flow valve, the plate is adjustable up to 500hp i think, went other ways, it is a big power shot system for 4150 spread regular pattern for holley or any 4bbl, the only thing is the main feed line got cut so it is no good, it takes a 4an line from bottle to solenoid this has never had anything threw it at all, have bottle, plate, solenoids, jets and brackets for bottle. if interested pm me or email me at i will take 300.00 plus shipping first come first serve, i paid a little over 500 bucks from jegs when i bought it, you can get the line from them for around 40-50bucks still saving 150bucks that way, it is the oringnal blue bottle not of the wall brand. spray up to 400hp plus horses

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    Promod, I'm not jivin' on your stuff, Because $300 is a fair price. Just Clarifying. The powershot is a non adjustable straight 125hp shot. Now, the super powershot is probably what you have, It's adjustable from 75-150hp levels. You need a two stage cheater,Big shot or a fogger to get 400-500 and up. Still a good deal, if I didn't have the same system on a car I'd jump on it.

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    its adjustable i know for sure not sure on the hp ill look at the manual some tiem today and let ya know

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    come on guys someone needs to get it on the motor

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    Is this the one?
    V8 engines, square bore (Holley, AFB) Nitrous system
    The Super Powershot is an adjustable version of the Powershot system. You can choose the power level that suits your needs, from 50 to 150 HP, by simply changing the included fuel and nitrous jets. It uses a thin 1/2 in. injector plate that can be adjusted for 100, 125, and 150 HP levels. The kit includes an unfilled 10 lb. nitrous bottle, nitrous and fuel solenoids, filters, 12 ft. of -4 AN braided fuel line, jets, and all necessary hardware and instructions.
    Sold as a kit.

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    this kit is 4yrs old and never been used bakc then i think it was the supre big shot systemnow if would be big shot system in jegs book for 529.99

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