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Thread: Death Penalty.

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    I need to vent . The ASSHOLE who killed the 11 year old girl in Sarasota Florida shouldn't even still be around. I'm so sick of all this stuff that goes on in our country. I was so pissed off when I heard the news that she was dead that it ruined the rest of the day. I say they get in touch with his folks and they can watch as they throw his SORRY ASS in to a cell with inmates that have kids of there own and then they can watch as they EXECUTE him. No trial...No Lawyers...Nothing but justice for that little girls family. I for one applaud the Governor of California for not caving in to the pressure to over turn the ruling to execute the guy who murdered (BUTCHERED) that family and little boy in Chino back in the late 80's. Thats one way of starting to cut the deficit in California. Get rid of them all ASAP. Think of the savings!!!

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    Actually, after all the legal wranglings are done, capital punishment is more expensive than life without parole. Still, I think it's worth every penny!

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    Yeah we were pretty upset too when we heard that about the little girl. I think they should tie the b@stard up and leave him alone in a room with the father and a baseball bat for a while. Wouldn't help bring the child back but it might help the father work through some of the pain and rage...

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    Yeah, but he still hasn't had enough time to show the evidence that proves his innocence.(Read with a whiny voice) I cringe everytime I hear them say that, 20 freaking years, how much more time do you need? And, while I typically vote against most bond measures in our current financial climate, I would gladly vote for a measure to fast track these scumballs Texas style!Cost schmost put em down.

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    While there at it they need to go after the loosers that let him off last time he tried to do the same shit . Unreal WTF !!!!

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    I was totally and completely disgusted after hearing the news yesterday. The good part is that behind the state of Texas, I believe Florida executes the most people. Hopefully the "general population" has a little "fun" with this guy first.
    I personally believe that my dad (who is an attorney) has the right idea. Immediately after being found guilty, the baliff takes him out back and shoots him!
    WTF is our country coming to?

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    Immediately after being found guilty, the baliff takes him out back and shoots him!
    In the nads and then watches him bleed out.

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    Dr. Eagle
    Fry His Ass

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    My boss lives in Fountain Valley and while we were meeting the other day he received a call from his wife. She had just found out about a young man that had just moved back in with his parents and he had just gotten out of jail. He was an admitted pedafile(spelling)and upon being released told the authorities he was going to do it again. My boss called a friend of a friend in the police dept and was told that it was true but he was under 24 hour surveillance. his likes are little boys 6 to 10 years old.
    Why is this shit happening. v-drive

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    It happens because of the ****in' bleeding heart liberals. I propose for every scumbag executed there should be a liberal sitting right next to him.

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