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    I know that hallett has changed owners but I was wondering if Rich's son Gary had anything to do with the company anymore. I went to school with him and spent some time at their shop in downey. I'm also bored and have often wondered about this so I just thought I would ask the question.. v-drive

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    As far as I know Nick Barron has owned Hallett for 20+ years,
    Rich sold out long time ago. Rich used to build some of my dad's Top Blown Fuel Hydro's back in the 60's (Citation).

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    Dusty Times
    burtandnancy is pretty much the Hallet expert around here but I believe that any partnership would have been years ago if at all. Maybe when they were built with the Baron Boats logo.

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    Jeffery Fry
    As far as i know as well, its just Nick Barron the owner of Hallet. And has been for like you said 20 years. Im sure Jerry has intrest in it as well. But if you have any questions ask Burt, he knows nick very well, like my dad! They are all proud hallett owners!

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