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Thread: exhaust recommendation needed

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    I've got a set of Lightning headers with dry (jacketed) 4.5" tailpipes through the transom. Because of the mickey-mouse slip fit connection, I'm getting some water leakage back into the motor, even with the recommended silicone sealer between the collector and tailpipe. I'm thinking of replacing them with one of the new style cast manifolds that has the individual runners, i.e. IMCO Powerflow Plus, Stainless Marine III, or Dana. Anyone have any comments or experience with these on a big motor (600 inch 800+ hp)? The Lightnings are very small primaries, so I'd almost expect to pick up a few ponies with these big long runner manifolds. Probably want to add some good silencers inside the pipes as well to keep from getting kicked out of the marina again. Maybe Rexone can give me a quote for a complete system?

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    I'll work you up some quotes on Monday Brian. See PM's...

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    Party Cat
    If ya use the Flo Torque Cast risers be very carefull.....They could cost ya a whole lot of $$$ in the long run.....:frown:

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    Uh oh, Party Cat did you have some risers leak and dump water into an engine? Yeah that could get very expensive indeed.
    Rexone, thanks, I'll check the pm and get back to you. Kinda sounds like I should wait a bit until the new mufflers are ready to roll and then build the system to match. One thing I'm thinking of is to extend the tips or tailpipes so that the exit from the muffler section is at or behind the rear edge of the swim platform. These magics are very loud with the exhaust reverberating under the deck.

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    Originally posted by DogHouse
    These magics are very loud with the exhaust reverberating under the deck.
    It may have something to do with what is under the engine cover.

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    It's stock I tell ya!

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    Yeah, stock, really...right Brian I've run the IMCO's for 4 years now without a problem. I even overheated them enough to bubble the black coating on the outside. Had them redone and still running (granted not for a while, but that's soon to change )

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    Originally posted by Craig
    ... and still running (granted not for a while, but that's soon to change )
    So does this mean we will see a very fast advantage out to play for spring break @havabrew???

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    That's exactly what it means We're planning on being in Havazoo the 19th & 20th of March!

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    Craig, gonna have the usual crew of crazies with you? Not sure yet if we're camping or staying in town. Either way, we'll keep an eye out for ya.

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