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Thread: The Doo Dad worked.

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    Have always wondered if the Doo Dads I build for Info Jr would work for him on a motorcycle.
    Some Already know he was born without any fingers on his left hand. I build these so he can hang on. He can get his hand in and out easily. He wedges his hand upward against the Doo Dad.
    Has never slowed him down on his bikes.
    We did the pocket bike thing for a week, sold them and finally went for a real motorcycle with a clutch. Bought one today. Flipped the clutch around so he can push it. Installed the Doo Dad so he can hang on.
    First day with the thing and he is getting some air. I guess the kid has issues. Will move up to some real jumps when the mud dries up.

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    Thats awesome dude! Nice going.

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    NorCal Gameshow
    props to you and little info...

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    Kim Hanson
    I wish you I lived next door to you, you build everything! Just the right way to build an engine would be cool I can only help you with puter stuff:frown: .........( . )( . ).......

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    Very cool!
    Your a good dad.

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    That is so great to see that. His difficulties do not slow him down at all. Kids are so resilient. They just want to have fun.
    You are a great dad.

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    Bow Tie Omega
    That is bitchen Info, way to go!

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    Doug H.
    Very cool of you, from the first pic of your boy, i can see he's going to be a big kid hopefully he likes football

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    great job Dad, I know you and him are very happy.. what is the next project..

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    Originally posted by MRS FLYIN VEE
    great job Dad, I know you and him are very happy.. what is the next project..
    Trying to convince mom that he will survive his childhood. The 130+ MPH drag boat rides and dirt jumping are going to send her to an early grave.
    Thanks also everyone else. They try to make a big deal out him being "handicapped" when he kicks butt at BMX racing. I do not and never will allow preferential treatment. He does not need it.
    He is an awesome kid.

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