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Thread: brothers new ride

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    we met shirkey4650 this morning in va and picked up his new ride . got home to nice warm sunny skys "could not resist shirkey" and cleaned the salt away and it cleaned up real nice.http://www.*** http://www.*** http://www.***

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    Hmmm I'm digging out a 4x4 and he's washing a boat , what have I done wrong !

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    ...And so the fun begins!

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    Welcome aboard.

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    hobby or addiction????????????????????

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    fat rat
    Originally posted by sleekcraft76
    hobby or addiction????????????????????
    It's your call..............."it doesn't matter". Just keep the picture's gives me something to look forward to.

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    Thanks to Mike's help, we had it washed, interior stripped, and old floor removed within hours of getting home.
    Having trouble posting pictures due to resolution issues.
    Next weekend, fiberglassing in the new floor.

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    Welcome Welcome!! Got a good start I see

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    fat rat
    Hey Bubba.......are going to make "Anna 04"?

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    I was wandering who had baught that boat...a good price was on it!!

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