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Thread: Today is my lucky day, I need a lotto ticket :)

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    Well I went to Denny's to eat with the family, I ordered some buffalo wings before the meal. Everything said and done the bill comes to $22 for all 3 of us I am thinking *this isnt right*. We get in the car and she forgot the $6 for the wings. oh well...I stop at Pepboys to get some oil and a shift knob B&M for the VE. She rings it all up 4quarts of Mobil 1 $20ish some injector cleaner, funnel, shift knob $30, so I am thinking $60. She rings it up $32, I think hmm...go out to the car and she didnt even have it on the receipt. Free shift knob, I think she wont get in trouble cause there is no trace to her, some ricer could of stolen it...I didnt want to go back.
    Now the big one, I got my tax return and blew it all, that is besides the point
    I went to officedepot and bought a Kodak 4mp 10x zoom camera with cradle to print photos direct, real kick butt camera $500 + $100 for the 3 year warranty = $600, then I bought a 256mb memory stick for it $90 = $690 then I bought a nice epson printer RX500 that you can put your memory stick in and print direct it is a HIGH HIGH quality scanner and printer all in one ( I know all in ones usually suck) but this is top notch $270 + $40 warranty total so far is $1000 then I got a USB2 cord $20 and some photo and regular paper total should of been $1060ish. Well it was not it was $815, I leave thinking wow, this isnt right, turns out she didnt charge for the printer. I couldnt let that go, I go back to the store and tell her she flipped "You have got to be the most honest guy I know, thank you so much you saved my rear from getting fired" I had her charge me for it $268 now I felt good, I mean $5 wings and $30 knob wasnt on the receipt so there is no trace.
    I even went to Ralphs right now to get some Milk and an extra .60 came out of the machine to give me my lucky day, I am broke now, but broke and didnt buy one mod for my car, I was going to make my car handle like rails, not now...oh check or do it slowly...
    You guys need to rub your monitor while reading this post for luck

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Vegas, baby...Vegas.

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    NorCal Gameshow
    i was gonna bring up the quality of employee (companies can save by cutting wages but lose on mistakes) angle but the last time someone brought up it lasted for days....

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    You guys, I didnt know how good it would feel. I know having that extra $270 would really feel good, but it is a different feeling right now.
    I remember having $600 cash in my pocket and running into fedex to drop off a package. A guy approached me and said "Do you have any money on you?" I said "No" *knowing I had some* He said "Hmmm...well I just found some money by your car door, it must not be yours" I felt my back pocket and said "$600?" He said "yeah, here you go". I felt so grateful at that time. I later returned the favor to a woman who dropped $200 out of her purse. Now I am feeling a little guilty about those buffalo wings and shift knob But oh well.

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    I found a purse in a ride at disneyland...good thing there was no cash in it or I'd have had a serious moral dillema
    (I looked just to try and find a name I swear )

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