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Thread: Moving Parts Out (Spam)

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    1 Pair of Bassett TT Headers for BBC $325
    BBC Closed Port Large Oval heads (241), Just gone thru ready to bolt on New guides, springs (good to .620 lift), exhaust valves $550
    Momo steering wheel with billet hub from Rex Marine Looks brand new $95
    email me @ for pics or details...

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    Hey DC, check your pm's.

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    I see a nice change to yeller velocity stack boat

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    Originally posted by Slick
    I see a nice change to yeller velocity stack boat
    Workin' on a couple of them. But they're top secret. I could tell you but I'd have to kill you. And without you around who is going to take care of my son? So I'd just better not tell ya.

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    Bassetts and Steering wheel are sold.......
    Nobody needs Heads?

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