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Thread: Where is my ***boat ????

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    What the hell is the deal, I paid for my new subscription to Hot Boat magizine over 3 months ago and have not seen a thing yet.
    Has anyone else had this problem ?
    They sure were quick to charge my credit card and not to send me the magizines.
    Anyone have a phone number or some other way to contact these f%#ks ?

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    Sometimes the magazine does disappear for a month or more. It happened to me too and I called and they quickly got it straightened out (and finally sent me my free t-shirt too).
    If you go to the home page: http://www.***
    And click on "Contact" at the bottom of the page, this is some of what you'll see:
    Subscriptions Contact LFPs subscription department with any questions about your subscription or call 800 654-2819
    Editor at Large Contact Kevin with all questions regarding the content of Hot Boat Magazine

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    I am still waiting a a t shirt from 5 or more years ago.

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    I still have two in the wrappers. You can have mine.

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    Originally posted by Mandelon
    I still have two in the wrappers. You can have mine.
    I have 3 or 4 the same way. I can't give 'em away!

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    The're good for wiping the boat down.

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    Anyday now!
    P.S. ***boat has a magazine?

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