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Thread: Hot Boat Magizine

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    What the hell is the deal, I paid for my new subscription to Hot Boat magizine over 3 months ago and have not seen a thing yet.
    Has anyone else had this problem ?
    They sure were quick to charge my credit card and not send me the magizines.
    Anyone have a phone number or some other way to contact these f%#ks ? :yuk:

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    Yes, verrrrrrrrry verrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy slow.....Elmer fudd
    And for a small shipping charge, you can have all my old ones....i have lost interest. See: ***boat missed the boat and then some.

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    Didn't renew my subscription either. Would read the performance pages in the last section and it would never get off the coffee table till wife put it with the rest of them from the last 10 years.

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    All the performance review crap is boooooooooooring to me. I seldom read any of them and can't imagine sitting down for two hours doing so each issue if not in the market for that particular type of boat. Maybe its just me. And ***boat isn't the only mag that does this (occupying a significant portion of most issues with perf reviews). I guess it has a purpose, just not my type of reading. I'd rather see tech articles, race and event coverage, reader ride type stuff.

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    Kindsvater Flat
    I spend countless hours looking at the swimsuit issue.

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    Well guys, this is why I started the Wild V Drive thread! To show Hot Boat Mag. what people really wanted to look at, real Hot Boats!!! @ 44,264 veiws in the last 6 months, I think I have proved my point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    But the only problem is that all the boat manufactures are building a new syle boat. Not old ones and thats all they have to write about because there paying to keep the mag going.
    Some one should come out with a mag geared to performance and the old school boats. How to articles on gels, paints, fiberglasses and resins, epoxys, How to do polishing, prep work ect & the list goes on & on basically a hands on type of mag. It might get more people intrested in this type of boating.
    A lot of people from my town if I give them a ride in the boat they usually come back with a smile on there face & wondering where the can find a boat like this. and this type of mag might be able to help these people get started. Where else can you build a massive Blown engine and install it in to something and almost run open headers and go as fast as you want without getting a ticket. Its only in the boating world! Try to do that in a car!

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    I wonder if Hot Boat reads any of this.
    I havent subcribed for a couple years now.
    Get more info. and enjoyment on this Forum.

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    from the Feb issue:
    Commander 2800 Cat Price as tested (PAT) $122075. My Chance of Owing in My Lifetime (MCOOIMLT): 0%
    Cougar 22 MTR: PAT- $58781 MCOOIMLT: 20%...Whacka motor, though.
    Dana 27' Offshore: PAT- $71500. MCOOIMLT: 5% too slow, too.
    Eliminator 25' Daytona PAT- $110609. MCOOIMLT: -10%
    Essex 24' Valor PAT- $64000. MCOOIMLT: 10%
    Force Offshore 29' Cat PAT-92900. MCOOIMLT: 0%
    HTM SR24 Cat: PAT-$99995 MCOOIMLT: 0%
    LaveyCraft 2750 NuEra: PAT- $131775. MCOOIMLT 0% Sigh...
    Lightning 21XS: PAT- $34900. MCOOIMLT 20% But it's SBC/Alpha...don't want that again.
    Nordic 26' Rush: PAT- $95000. MCOOIMLT: 0%
    Sleekcraft 32SSB Heritage: PAT- $174650. -25% Like, really...
    Ultra 28 Stealth: PAT- $82845. MCOOIMLT: 10% but 65mph???
    All in all, a mega test of boats with a total value of $1,139,030. and an average PAT of $94919. On a 15 year loan, that's only around $825. per month....huh? On something I'll be lucky to operate 25-50 hrs a year? How many weekends/year on the lake/ocean?
    Even with inflation-adjusted dollars in my retirement days, I don't see something like this happening under normal circumstances.
    However, this issue redeemed itself somewhat with the articles on the Cali Performance, Rogers ("Rad Rogers Resto", what copy genius) and the Tahiti someone whacked out the bow on. A schnozzle-boat trifecta.
    So, once again, is it any wonder why most of us complain that we're not seeing the depth of information we need to build/rebuild/maintain the boats we can afford? Sure, we can dream & cream over the $100k + stuff they test, but that ain't gonna sell no boats. Perhaps I'm in the minority and haven't realized it yet. The pholks that hang out up on the Sandbar seem to have the $$$ to play in those leagues...that's the sort of equipment they seem to have. (Oh, <whisperwhisper> CS19, alot of them have painted their trucks to match their boats in all these multitude of colors, Eighties-style...shh- don't tell the old v-drivers ).
    Irregardless, I think that anything I really need to know about the parts vendor selection/building/rebuilding/parts sourcing/working on v-drives will come from the sane, level-headed members of this V-Drive board and ones like it.

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    Just Tool'n
    I agree with you guy's. There is allways other sides of the coin.
    Now I used to be involved with my old room mate in racing flatties in the mid-80's & Early 90's. Got the best memories from those days.
    But Times change in all aspect of life. Now I would love to have me a new/ old sanger bubble deck, hell I could of gotten one hell of a deal on one last summer from a guy that works for me that was in serious finacial trouble, but seeing that I am now married with 2 boys 4 & 6 years of age, & trying to convince my wife that is a family boat, When pigs fly.
    So I did have the testical fortitude to convice her that we needed a 28ft eliminator eagle. It was used, but in great shape due to a complete resto, its a 91 year boat. The guy I bought it from ordered him up a new 28ft DCB. So yes there are people out there looking the perf reviews of the boats. I allways said when I get that big 28ft boat I would be happy for the rest of my boating days. Well you all know the story, a 32fter would be nice.
    So yes there are people that still have great memories of the old flattie days, but times do change.
    But I will have one again, someday when those boys of mine are old enough to be able to appreicate what that will be all about!

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