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Thread: Which launch ramp?

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    Heading to Havasu next thursday any hints on best place to launch. Bringing xr202 Carrera i'm hoping smaller boat won't be a problem launching. Still have free pass to windsor hoping to launch there......... Thanks

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    Where do you go to get a free pass? I paid $75 for my pass. Keith Sayre(sp) said they launched the new Top Cat II at Windsor, so I'm planning on putting the 26 in there.

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    I guess it not free but feels like it because I payed for it last April.

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    Originally posted by framer1
    I guess it not free but feels like it because I payed for it last April. I was kidding, gonna use my "free" pass too.

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    We launched our 28 Top Cat II this past weekend at Windsor. There was only one lane that you could launch from and it was shallow but dueable. I think Keith otld me that they are going to start filling up the lake today, not positive though.

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