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Thread: You Turkey!

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    WIDEOPEN545 (
    (it was fantastic!!!!!!!)

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    No fire, no wide open run? I don't get it.

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    East Coast thing

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    fat rat
    there was nothin left.........but skin and bones.

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    If there was some skin left i didnt know about it. That was my favorite part. I remember it was carved, and i looked away for a second and looked back and it was gone!

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    I ate it..

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    Wet Dream
    Can you hear it screamin'?

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    Sorry I missed:frown: Looked good

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    fat rat
    Originally posted by Dans66Stevens
    I ate it..
    I don't know if you ate the whole thing, but I thought I saw you going out the front door..................with the last drum stick in your back pocket. I was hoping for some leftover's.

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    Now I know what happened to the last of the turkey that Tim fixed at thanksgiving. Some turkey ate it!!!

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