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Thread: 4.3 Goodies ( Where ?)

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    I have a 1992,18' Lavey Craft bowrider with a stock 4.3 LX.I turn just under 60 (58 GPS) with 2 adults onboard.I would like to break the mythical 60mph barrier.I`ve noticed in other answers to questions the mention of 4.3 liter goodies of which I`ve never heard,nor seen.Please lead me to suppliers and suggestions.
    Will Smith

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    Is your engine carbed or FI? I have an 86 lavey open bow with a 4.3 and it only runs about 50 what prop are you using?

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    I have a 1998 17.5ft BlueWater Falcon with a 190hp carb 4.3. I hit 50-53mph with two people and 40-45 with 6-7 passengers. I run a 14 x 21 3blade factory prop. I two would like to find more power. I am considering a 4 barrel or holley projection when engine is out of warranty next year. I have not been able to find speed parts online or in magazines. Most stuff is for v-8's. I would also be interested in hearing from anyone who knows where to find speed equipment for these engines and has experience (good or bad) in modofieng them. Is it worth it or should I just drop in a 350. Boat has room and wieght difference is only 75 lbs according to mercruiser info.

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    I too have a 4.3. It is in a '92 larson All American 170. It is the lx model with the 4 barrel carb. I am running the 1.86 gears and spinning a 23 pitch high five and it runs around 52mph with 2 aboard and a half tank of gas. I cannot see how these motors can push a boat upwardas of 60mph. I have friends with the ssame motor in differnt boats, one a bluewater, and they all run 52,53mph even with 21 pitch props although they are running higher rpms,5,000 against my 4,800. I also would like moe speed and am considering an engine swap. I once read that a 350 with aluminum heads, exhaust and intake manifolds and waterpump will actually weigh less than the 4.3and the power is whatever you need and then there is the sound!! Ya gotta love that V8 rumble. I wonder how one of the new Edelbrock crate motors would work? They have all the right stuff and come in 3 different h.p. ratings. It is just a matter of price. The motor mounts will work too except they have to be relocated, then there is just the matter of open exhaust if you want it and a gear change (to 1.50) and the 21 pitch prop should work fine,then you will definitly see60 plus mph and all the torque you will ever need for skiing.

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