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Thread: Drive Swap

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    Been thinking of swapping my Jet drive for a I/O setup. Anyone have any thoughts on this? My current set-up is:
    1999 21' Ultra RS
    Engine is a Marine Power 502
    Dominator Pump / with ride plate and Place Diverter
    Steering is on Left side
    I would like to keep engine and pop in a new outdrive unit. I plan to do most of the work myself. Am I getting into too much trouble? Should I trade it in?

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    Hey Zone5,
    Been thinking about the same thing with my CVX-20. Built a great 460 for it and still get spanked. What do we do with that big hole in the bottom near the transom?? And those drives for big horsepower aren't cheap.

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    I don't know too much about swapping but I can tell you that if it was a jet and you were running 400+hp That's probably way too much hp for the same boat and an I/O. I run a 22.6 Nordic makes 385hp and will go 72-74mph (With all the right conditions light tanks etc...) Glad to see you guys are going to put that hp to some good use!! Instead of just stirring it around and spittin it out the back. http://free.*** http://free.*** I'm just kidding but in any event welcome to outdrive tech. http://free.***

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    If you do decide to pull your pump, let me know. What size impeller etc. I might be interested in it.

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