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Thread: Hurricane Mitch Ghost Ship - Long but Good..

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    Good story, thanks for the link!

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    That was a good read! can't imagine being in a storm like that,or being the captain with that kind of responibility.
    The perfect storm is one of my favorite rents!
    when we were in kelowna two years ago the wind picked up fairly good on the south side of the bridge,3-4 foot waves,we had to get back to the dock at the hotel,(Eldorado if you've ever been to Kelowna) the ol lady said this is just like the "perfect storm' movie we watched last week,she was and my bud thought it was cool, the little cv 23 just kept on a cruisin.had to be there i guess, it was funny.

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    I have/read the book.....real's the whole title:
    The Ship and the Storm: Hurricane Mitch and the Loss of the Fantome
    Can be found on Amazon

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    Mr Onassis could come to my wedding with a gift like that anytime. Hell I'll get married again just to invite him. Is he still alive?

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