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Thread: New To Me A/O is finally home

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    Well gang,
    The road trip is finally over! OKC to 2 hours past Nashville, one cold ass ride, some negotiation, and back home with one bad ass ride in 34 hours! Left out Friday nite at 7, got there the next morning at 8, fired it up at 9:30 on the hose, 10:30 on the water, did I mention it was 27 degrees and SNOWING! Needless to say, the ride didn't last long, but was worth the butt freezing cold!
    It was a whopping 48 degrees here today and the sun was out, kids about to drive me absolutely bonkers for a ride. Fired it up, let it run for about 4 min's while still at the ramp in the water, backed it off the trailer and realized the temp was climbing. Apparently, it was still cold enough that the vanes on the sea-water pump were brittle and broke on fire-up! Loaded her back up, kids still disappointed:cry: :cry: :cry:
    Oh well, them's the breaks, huh? Still, very happy with the purchase! Here's a close up of the top-deck! See you guys in the summer.........burrr. I'll post some pics of the cold ride tomorrow, but for now, going back to bed soon, gotta re-coup and it's back to the daily grind tomorrow!

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    and back home with one bad ass ride in 34 hours That's cool
    Apparently, it was still cold enough that the vanes on the sea-water pump were brittle and broke on fire-up That sucks:frown:
    Seeing a flamed boat screaming across the lake in a blizzard That musta been a little wierd for the duck hunters

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    without a doubt!

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    AWESOME looking!
    I hope you enjoy!!

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    Thanks man!
    The wife's thinking we made a mistake. You know, they tend to think that way when their left standing at the dock, then motioned back to get the trailer and QUICK!
    Once I explained it's a $15.00 part, she lightened up! So anybody out there with one of these have stereo suggestions? Thankfully (or not depending on how you look at it) I have a blank canvas to work with! Anybody out there sunk the subs in the bulkhead underneath? Looks like a perfect location, just don't know if I want to cut into it, and spend all that time reglassing behind it to make an enclusure..........

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    I don't know if there's access to the back or not, but if there is you can build an MDF box, cover it in matching carpet, and bolt it to the back side, after cutting a hole for the sub, all you see is the sub poking through. This is what my dad did on his boat, and it looks really clean. Just a thought.

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    We have 2 Fosgate HE2 12 subs in round tubes in the Ultra. Can put them anywhere we want.
    They are in the living room for the winter now. out of the elements.

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    Got any pics? How do you like the fact they're not mounted?
    BTW, OU just kicked TXTech's butt!

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    I will dig up pics, will be later on.
    Works out well in Mrs. Infomaniac's Ultra by the design of the boat.
    I actually have those 2 subs and 2 Polk Audio cabinet speakers in it. They are not mounted either. They stand up inside the 2 center areas between the main and open bow areas. A nylon strap keeps them in place. Can put them anywhere we need them.
    1 720 watt Pioneer amp for each speaker and sub.

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