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Thread: 60 Minutes

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    We have come so far to be nowhere. Superstition still abides and abounds! The "rapturists" are as steeped in magical thinking as the insane homicide bombers of Islam who expect vast rewards in some next realm. I'm depressed at our failure to extricate ourselves from the shadows of superstition and ancient authority.
    And please - spare me the Bible quotes, threats of commination, and promise of prayer for my salvation.
    I think the reason I have always craved the 110+ River heat is because I knew subconsciously it was serving to acclimatize for my inevitable trip to Hell. Skiing on the River Styxx - I can't wait!

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    Are youn sure that you are in the right place? :wink:
    That is sdome pretty deep shi% for Sunday night!

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    Where the hell is Paul B when you need him?

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    My head hurts

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    Tom Brown
    You know Buff... you're much more fun when you're drunk.

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    holy **** am I confused....o.k....who took the goat

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    Paul B.
    Mr. Buff
    It's never too late to receive salvation through Jesus Christ.

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    See what I mean.

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    That's some hard soil that you're trying to sow seed on there Paul. Matt 7:6 comes to mind too. Sorry for the verse there, Buff, don't worry you wouldn't get it anyway.

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    Tom Brown
    And the meek shall inherit the earth...
    We've taken care of everything
    The words you hear, the songs you sing
    The pictures that give pleasure to your eyes.
    It's one for all and all for one
    We work together, common sons
    Never need to wonder how or why.
    We are the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx
    Our great computers fill the hallowed halls.
    We are the Priests, of the Temples of Syrinx
    All the gifts of life are held within our walls.

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