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Thread: Airial photo's of tablerock

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    Ken F
    For those contemplating attending the TableRock Roost, here's a great website~
    Ken F

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    hava life
    Looks nice not a lot of triple diget runs!!!!

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    Ken F
    Oh yes there just don't realize how big it is from looking at the picture!
    from that link you are not even looking at 1/8 of it~!
    Ken F

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    Hi Guys.
    Table Rock is about 44,000 acres at normal pool level which is 915 ft. above sea level. High pool level adds approximately 10,000 more acres to the lake.
    You can run about 50 miles from the dam in 3 different directions. Lots of coves or inlets that are a mile or two long for speed runs even on rough days.
    Tall cliffs along the shore keep the water smooth in the narrow areas even on windy days.

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    from above.

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    Ken F
    Hey Randy, I know you are planning on coming, do you have any idea how many are going to come with you?

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    Hi Ken.
    I normally have 2 or 3 other STV's running around with mine.
    I will have to bring lots of fuel along to make it to Eagle Rock & back as I live a couple miles from the dam. Eagle Rock is like 45 miles from here.
    I would put in at Baxter if we come out there, as its about 20 miles from Baxter to Eagle Rock.
    Where do you guys usually hang out to swim and socialize ?
    Oswald Bluff or "The Swing" by Aunt's Creek is the main hangout for us locals. That would be a good place for me to launch as it's about 5 miles from my house.
    This photo is of Virgin Bluff up at the north end by Cape Fair. This is a nice run from Aunt's Creek at about 15-20 miles one way.

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    Ken F
    Why don't you just trailer on down to Eagle Rock? There is plenty of parking for tow rigs, and a great beach just around the corner.
    I usually go to cape fair if I'm just going for one day as it is only about 25 min. from my house. (Republic)
    Otherwise go to Shell Knob or Eagle Rock.
    I've never been to the swing at Indian pt.
    I'll have to try it this summer.
    Those are great Pics! You must have been doing some flying of late.

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    Hello again.
    The Bluffs or the swing is just across the lake when you come out of Aunt's Creek arm. It's a tall curved bluff where lots of boats anchor to party.
    It's also called the swing cause there is at least one rope swing attached to a tree up on the bluff at a spot thats fairly easy to climb.

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    Very nice looking STV. Is that a 280 or Drag?

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