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Thread: BBF Belt drives

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    Has anyone got a bitch, gripe, or complaint on these belt drives from Jon Kaase? Or better yet anybody have a better recommendation or insight?

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    hack job
    i have seen good things for the danny bees as well but for a 1000 bucks i had to pass on it.
    they both look the same

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    Jeezuz Hotcrusader76, what exactly are you building over there?!
    I have never heard anything bad about any parts created or offered by John Kaase. His stuff is top-of-the-line. He is the Guru of all Guru's. His aluminum BBF SCJ heads are currently some of the best money can buy, period.
    Unless you want that belt-drive because it facilitates quick cam changes, I think it's a very expensive way to go and money can be better spent elsewhere on the engine. As it is, a good quality double roller chain is plenty accurate.
    It's a little early for me to be doing this...but I'm gonna let the cat out of the bag: I am currently in negotiations to bring some prototype hi-perf BBF stuff to market (as the exclusive distributor) that kicks ass. Made in USA and already track-proven.
    Here is a timing cover that will facilitate quick cam changes without removing the oil pan and front cover, and works with any double roller timing chain:
    Photo Pulled by LO
    (Sorry about the shop dust on the part; photo taken at spure of the moment.)
    Blocked-off water passages can be tapped into for use with a neovane pump (v-drive) or tapped for water lines from a jet pump (jet boat), or the jetboat waterlines can go directly into the block's cylinder bank drain plugs a la Blown472's boat. (Or left blocked-off for the serious drag racers).
    In addition to the round cam-gear cover plate for this timing case, we are entertaining the idea of incorporating the cam-gear cover plate into a front motor plate for marine applications.
    Also in the works, for example, are aluminum hemi-heads, but they are still deep in R&D (a billet pair has been run on an engine; getting ready to cast some with water jackets).
    Might be a little early for release of the cover; I will try to get an answer in two weeks when we get together again.
    p.s. The above phot will be pulled shortly...please let me know you've seen the cover.

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    Blown 472
    Lakes, I do believe you have blue blood.

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    Originally posted by Blown 472
    Lakes, I do believe you have blue blood.
    All humans do, whether they know it or just turns a reddish-orange in areas of our body where we get cut!

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    Blwons 472's Signature: "Just cuz you have a c#*t doesn't mean you have to act like one.'
    Blown...I do believe you have big balls....

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    Blown 472
    Originally posted by LakesOnly
    Blwons 472's Signature: "Just cuz you have a c#*t doesn't mean you have to act like one.'
    Blown...I do believe you have big balls....
    That might be, but it was an observation I have made as of late.

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    Lakes...or should I say "fellow freak"
    I am building something out of the ordinary and definitely eye appealing. I will say the budget is limited as it is on all projects, but without giving away any surprises I will say it's a pump gas stroker 429/460 block. Now the budget is being concentrated on the cylinder heads and Trickflow induction package and to include a Schneider solid roller cam with Billet Dominators and some new trick Wilson Manifold components. My goal is to make it similar to the objectives seen in PHR's Engine Masters challenge, something everybody could build will good planning and selection of quality parts, without anything exotic. But then again a belt drive is sort of "exotic"
    Now if budget permits I will move into other trick goodies such as belt drive and crank triggers but we'll see how it goes throughout the build-up. Because the engine has some four digit capabilities in HP I will be farming out the shortblock to a reputable Ford builder within 100 miles from here since the room for error is minimal, not a gamble I want to experience at this time.
    Once is all said and done and the dyno numbers are released I will announce the persons involved with the project.
    The rotateing assembly will be either a Scat or full Dan Crower set-up but that's still in the negotiating stages. Deadline? Two weeks and a Dyno pull away from CBBB 2004.
    back to work I go...

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    If you are willing to have your machine work done as far away as the Highway 5/210 Split near Pasadena, then...well...suffice it to say that this machinie shop owner/friend of mine is the guy for you.
    His car did 7-second quarter mile runs using an OEM cast iron 460 crank, 2-bolt block and heads! Cranks was bore/stroked to about 511 but was a factory cast crank, 2-bold block and early style ("D0VE") heads.
    Blown 7% overdriven and 86% nitro, this engine put out probably 2000HP...on OEM cast iron 460 crank, 2-bolt block and heads!
    Are you firmly decided on the shortblock builder?
    p.s. gotta head out now...

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    I have over 6 bids out right now for the shortblock. Of course there are some gains to the winning bid/s as well so we'll have to see.
    With regards to your guy in Pasadena, send me his addy and I'll get in touch with him. Matter of fact check you PM right now.
    It's been my experience that four digit numbers on HP aren't forgiving for mistakes and I will be very humble in saying that "Ty" doesn't build 7 second engines
    The only thing I'm skeeered of is my 12JG pump. 600lbs+ of torque at 3000RPM will either : A- toss a passenger....B- give me the ride of my life on tails end.....or C- the most likely senario....smoke check the shaft seal and bearings if not toss the cast impeller.'s time for pump work also.

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