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Thread: Prop Suggestions/Opinions

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    OK peeps hows it going.21 1/2 aftershock Toronato here 6.2 liter and spinnignthe hell out of the 19 pitch Rev4 about 5500+ RPM according to the ever so accurate tach. Anyways which prop would be the best choice for the top end we wakeboard occasionally so i am not to concerned with bottom end just as much top as i can get while running about 4800 to 5000 RPM. I dont think with that motor i will have any problem puling wakeboarders.Well any input would be appreciated

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    Call Bronson Hill propellers in Santa Ana. Give them all the details, and they will set you up.

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    Sounds to me your motor package is too stout for a 19P prop. I bet if you stepped up to either a 21P Rev-4 or a 22P Bravo 1 4 blade, you'd get your RPMs down and improve midrange accel and top speed but a substantial margin.
    I wasnt aware the rev limiter on a 6.2 was 5500 rpm!
    If you have a prop reworked I highly recommend York Propellers in Fullerton. That guy is amazing.

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    not bashing hill or anything, but york has definately done some great work for me over the years, never been disapointed.

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    York did some great work for me as well on my Merc. Chopper.

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    22 pitch bravo 1 prop. 5500 RPM is way too much for that engine.

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    Thanx for your input guys Seems like we have a mutual agreement with the Bravo 1 22 pitch.I think we will try that one and also the Rev 4 21 pitch.ANother thing do these props come pre balanced??If not who arounfd here in Murrieta Calif does good work.Wwell I am out..................................

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