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Thread: Kevin Cooper Must Die Tomorrow

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    Here's why (
    We'll see the TV stations all showing the left-wing protesters trying to save this butcher from justice. Of course they should be demanding he be executed for taking the lives of four innocent people!
    Who cares about the victims anymore?!
    The case drew attention because Cooper's family believed key evidence had not been considered, but Schwarzenegger said the case had been fully evaluated.
    "Evidence establishing his guilt is overwhelming, and his conversion to faith and his mentoring of others, while commendable, do not diminish the cruelty and destruction he has inflicted on so many," Schwarzenegger said in a statement.
    Maintaining his innocence during 18 years of appeals, Cooper succeeded in having DNA tests conducted on evidence collected at the scene, but the tests indicated he was the killer.

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    *%&^$ $%%&^&$$$@@()&)&&%$!!!!!
    Jackasses! (,2933,110874,00.html)
    The San Bernardino County victims were stabbed and hacked repeatedly with a hatchet and buck knife. The Ryens' 8-year-old son, Joshua, had his throat slit, but survived.

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    Fry him. Or inject him. Or hang him. Or shoot him.....whichever way is selected...rid this earth of his presense.

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    i am a liberal but i am no KOOK! this guy should pay the utimate price and i just makes me furious every time i hear of all the appeals and BS that the killers get. if there is just SOOO much evidence, even if it seems circumstatial, they should go to the front of the line, jack (as ron white would say).

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    Id pull the switch if I could.
    They should be killed the same way they killed their victims.
    This is bullshit they get put to sleep and then get the lethel injection........:burningm:

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    Cook that ****er!!! He killed a whole family!!!!

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    Dave C
    hey its one thing to protest the death penalty.
    But these wackos that say that he is innocent is just beyond all rational thought......

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    Our A$$hole liberal judges here in CA just voted for a stay of execution to allow the full 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to vote on the case. Isn't this the same bunch of A$$holes that had a problem with the Pledge of Allegiance?

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    I heard that on the radio too. And that it might be 6 mo to a year before the 9th cir reviews it. BS IMO.

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    kill this POS?????

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