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Thread: Calling all Pro Stocks!

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    SCSC Blue Water Resort Spring Regatta, April 17-18th, 2004
    The Western Pro Stock Racing Association is pleased to announce the first series race of the 2004 season. The WPRA has negotiated $5,000 in prize money for 10 or more boats.
    Please e-mail Jeff Wooton with any questions you might have at
    The "WPRA" is a newly formed organization put together to promote Pro Stock Sprint Boat Racing. The WPRA Series Events for 2004 are:
    Parker, AZ - April 17 & 18
    Burley, ID - June 25th weekend
    Long Beach, CA - August 14 & 15
    Bakersfield, CA - October 2 & 3
    Parker, AZ - Thanksgiving Weekend
    Please contact Jeff Wooton for WPRA membership.

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    LeE ss13
    All right Jeff ..... what's idea of changing the October race dates ??? I was going to use the old dates of October 23rd and 24th as an excuse not to have to drive to Pheonix those days !!! Anyway, here's a picture of the old days when you drove the Lavey !!

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    It's not a matter of each class going there own way. It's what the promotors call "event style racing". They want to know how many boats from each class will be participating. No one's opposed to running with IHBA at all. But can the Pro Stocks at this point go to a promotor such as IHBA and say without a hitch that they can bring a lot of participation to each event and sell the promotor? John Hart has done his homework for the K's and the "SSRA" is already in place for the Super Stocks. This Western Pro Stock Racing Association is a great vehicle for the Pro Stocks to get behind and support. The "associations" allow for the owners to have one voice with the promotors. They are also a vehicle to assist in protecting a class. So, let's make a show of it at the SCSC Spring Regatta. Get behind the Western Pro Stock Racing Association and show your support. Look forward to having as many participants as possible!

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    So, is the WPRA racing at non-APBA, dare I say, "Outlaw" events?

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