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Thread: 2004 Cbbb

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    hack job
    ItÂ’s 2004 and time to get the word out about this yearÂ’s Classic Boat Beach Bash. The event will be held the weekend of August 14th (Friday the 13th- Monday the 16th) once again at the newly renovated Avi Hotel and Casino. A full itinerary will be posted on the eventÂ’s website at (, with additional updates and real time information found on the event message board at (
    Because there are always questions about how to sign up and register for your rooms, here is the run down on how to get setup for the event.
    Step 1. Log onto ( click on the “register” link on the left hand side of the page.
    Step 2. Fill out the registration form and submit the information online.
    Step 3. Call the Avi at 1-800-AVI-2WIN
    Step 4. When you get an answer, tell them you would like to book a room with the Classic Boat Beach Bash group in August. Please refer to group code “CLASBB” to ensure that you are booked with the group.
    **Special Note** For this year, we should be booked into the new wing overlooking the beach. If you only need a king size bed, you will get a room overlooking the beach. If you require a 2 queen bed room, you will still be in the same wing but on the other side of the hall with west facing windows. Be sure to specify the style of room you need so we can best utilize the booked rooms. There are 35 queen and 40 king bedrooms available so the sooner you book, the better your odds of landing what you want.
    Step 5. Let them know how many days you would like. Friday and Saturday room rates are at a discounted $69/night, while Sunday evening is a super low $19/night. Because the rates went up this year, our continuation of the $69/night rate is actually a deeper discount than what we received last year.
    Step 6. Get your confirmation number, be nice, say thank you, and start jonesing for August!
    !!!While the registration deadline is still a couple months away, last year we had some procrastinators that ended up missing the deadline. While we were able to pull some strings and get them the discount, it wasn't the desired scenario and canÂ’t be relied upon for this year. By having a large group register with the Avi EARLY we have more influence when it comes to requesting special accommodations etc!!!
    If you have any additional questions, or problems related to reserving your room, feel free to post them up here or email us directly at
    Your CBBB Support Team

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    Ohhhha YA !!! I love the CBBB trip !!!! Last year was by far the best time I've had on the river!
    Any word on getting the whole! AVI bay for CBBB folks only ??

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    were in with the Posse group again, a little caravan

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    hack job
    we are trying to see what we can do for the beach thing. i know we will not get the whole beach cause they will have other guests that weekend. and hell yeah there will be anther caravan!

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    Not only have I already registered at the CBBB site! But I already have my room too! Yeah BABY!!!!!!!!!! Now to just get a boat in time!

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    What about RV/camping? Or is that just stoopit?

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    hack job
    the avi dose have rv spots in there camp ground i do not know what the prices are if you call iam sure they can help you out

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    flat broke
    Originally posted by mirvin
    What about RV/camping? Or is that just stoopit?
    The Avi has a campground on premises, unfortunately because of the temperatures and the distance from the campground to the beach, we haven't negotiated any group bookings for camp spaces. For the cost of the rooms that weekend, I'd look into the hotel route, but there ARE RV spots at the AVI.

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    Originally posted by mirvin
    What about RV/camping? Or is that just stoopit?
    Oh ya, camping in 128 degree temps If the rooms were twice this price I'd still be in there !!!

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    how is the security there? im worried about my baby. don't have the money to replace her. Is there a garage or something for night?

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