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    THESE FORUM'S rock This is the first place I alway's come to when I'm on this machine,
    Wishing I was on my water machine(chap.villian 2) 350 chevy with alpha,Ok I
    have two ? water is getting in my boat while
    It's running,I climbed back whith A light and
    it's coming in where the drive shaft comes
    trough the transom,how do I fix!? two I installed A new carb. and it doesn't have
    A place for the plastic hose that went from
    the fuel pump to the carb.

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    iceman: check the bellows around the drive shaft. Tighten the clamps and look it over well for holes, cracks etc.
    Also check the hose connection for engine cooling water from the drive. Check the flange for this connection also. It should be right above where the drive shaft comes through the transom.

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    I think it's my bellow's because it only
    leaks when it's in the water, can I get
    to it by just tilting my drive up?

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    iceman: You should be able to. It has been a while since I changed one. It is a pain in the ass. Call or send Michelle an e-mail for parts. Will save you serious bucks.
    512-261-7542 (
    ADDED THIS: Sorry. You can check it that way. To change it the drive will have to come off. This is not a big deal. Shift it into fwd. disconnect the trim cyls from the drive take off the 6 nuts and pull the drive off. Change the bellows and put it back together.
    [This message has been edited by Infomaniac (edited December 01, 2001).]

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    iceman: the hose was probably the fuel pump vent. It is a safety device. I guess you put an automotive carb on. If so when you eventually put an automotive fuel pump on, problem solved. Keep a close eye on the hose until then. Fuel could come out of the hose if the pump diaphram (spelling) fails. The hose made sure any fuel went in the engine instead of the engine compartment.
    I am pretty sure about this. I have only dealt with performance stuff not stock.

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    infomaniac:Thanks for the info on parts.
    I am going to check the drive shaft bellow
    today. The carb is a marine 650 holley spreadbore,has one vaccum barb, and vent
    hose won't fit without some adapting.

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Originally posted by iceman:
    The carb is a marine 650 holley spreadbore,has one vaccum barb, and vent
    hose won't fit without some adapting.
    My Holley Marine 750 does not have the vent nipple, so I ran my fuel pump hose to the flame arrestor.

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    Havasu Hangin: That sounded like a good
    idea so I ordered a new flame arrestor
    with a vent tube,old one didn't fit anyway.
    Now I need a drive shaft bellow and a gimbal
    bearing.the bellow had a nasty tear.

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Those bellows will get you every time. Mine seem to last a little longer now that I store my drive in the "down" postion.
    A friend of mine with that Alpha setup had the exact same problems- water in...bearing heads south. We tried to replace the bearing one year, but I think you need a special tool or something. The bellows were easier.

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    Thank's for the input guy's!!!!!!!

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