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Thread: Spring break Havasu... When you going???

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    What days are people from the boards going to be up at Havasu???
    Myself and a few others from the boards(playtime, 24rod jr., 24 rod) were looking at going up the last weekend in March...The 26th -28th....

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    I be at the BBSP in April
    and going May 7-15 to Black Meadows

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    Is there an info site for the BBSP I cant find it???

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    Hey j-rod arent you supposed to be working? And how many variations of ....rod are there?
    Bobaloo and Martini Queenie will be there for BBSP with j-rod and all the people that added their name to the list somewhere.
    I am an event *****

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    No formal site as far as I know, but it is a get together in Havasu for the whackers to prove that they can carry a full ice chest and days worth of gas and still go 100mph.

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    Yeah I'm " HARD " at work right now just about to leave!
    Didn't I just see you surfing on another site a minute ago?

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    So what does BBSp Stand for, if you dont mind me asking?

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    Originally posted by AleAlchemist
    So what does BBSp Stand for, if you dont mind me asking?
    I think it stands for Big Block Spanking Party....

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    So I guess my 8 foot addictor might be a to Short for the cut?

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    hava life
    we will be there every weekend starting march and staying the week of april 23 for my b-day cant wait for the fun and sights to begin. I'm getting tired of going there to finish work on the house.

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