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Thread: Bartending school...

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    So in another episode of the "HighRoller Job Chronicles", I decided to fulfill a longtime desire of mine and go to bartending school. Just started today but I'm already cracking up at my homework...WTF is a Duck Fart? And I'm supposed to memorize the ingredients for a "Russian Quaalude"? I'll update you as I find some more gems. Then I can make you fockers a drink this summer as a "certified mixologist"!!!

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    Holy Shit! Anyone wanna try an "Irish Car Bomb"?

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    Isn't that Guinnes and Jameson's whiskey?

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    good luck with that....i took a class about 4 years ago, it was a blast!
    no more car bombs for me...evidently i had a half dozen of them saint pattys last year. (this is what i'm told, along with other strange happenings that i have NO recollection of!)

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    Car Bomb Guiness, Jamison, Bailys Irish cream????
    I just go to Sweet Water Tavern Brooklyn NY 6TH st williumsburg
    They just give um out . Say Mad Brad sent ya!:

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    silver surfer
    From my old bartending days at the Fullerton Red Onion and the Long Beach Mardi Gras...Look these two up:
    1. Slow Comfortable Screw Against the Wall
    2. Screaming Orgasm
    I still can't believe people would order these straight faced. Man, the eighties were great.

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    High Roller, good luck you'll have fun. I went through bartending school about 7 years ago. It was a lot of fun. The drink I enjoyed making the most was one that silver sufer mentioned, but I was taught it a little bit differently. It was called a Slow Comfortable Screw, up against the wall, Mexican style, with a kiss and a pillow.
    Slow Gin, Orange Juice, Galliano, Shot of Tequilla, Splash of Amaretto, topped with cream.
    Any measurements for making drinks are out the door when I'm at the river. It's more like a little of this, some of that, then pass it to your drunk buddy and ask him if it taste alright, knowing damn well his taste buds are shot and probably everyone elses so who cares if it's strong when you are making it in 5 gallon jugs.

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    Good for you... Have some fun and meet some people.
    I did a school back in the eighties. It was well worth the time. I never did get a job tending bar. Many of the students did and we all went to there new jobs and had them make us drinks.

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    Seperator. Seperates the mind from the body as we say. Most of the time the bartender doesn't know what it is. Do you?

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    Mrs Luvnlife
    Russian them!!
    Silver worked at the Red Onion, do you remember a drink that had lots of rum, coconut, pineapple juice, can't remember what else..........VERY GOOD, they used to serve it in that BIG HUGE bucket with like 4 straws......if so, I'd pay ya for the recipe!

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