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Thread: Moving to Dallas Need info

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    Bad Puddy Tat
    Moving to the Dallas area in the May/June time frame. I run a 24 ft. Blown HTM. Any nice lakes in the area that don't have floating logs and etc? How about noise restrictions, are they enforced? Are there any speed limits on the lakes? Any information is appreciated.

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    Lake Texoma is very good lots of big boats go there. I do not know of any speed limit of any noise restrictions some other people on the forum may know that answer.

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    Welcome to Big D, Badpuddytat. you will find that you will have a wide range of lakes to run on here in the DFW area. I know that you must have heard about Lake Lewisville for its big fast boats and the party cove. Then there is Eagle Mountain lake on the N.W. side of Fort Worth. I live in Granbury which is about 35 miles S.W. of Fort Worth. We have a few big fast boats here on this lake. I guess you can always go to Texhoma, I know they have a few poker runs there a year. Then there is Joe Pool which is bettween Fort Worth and Dallas to the south a little ways. You will just have to stay in contact with this board and ask around where everyone boats at. Keep in touch when you get moved here and let us know what part of town you will be in and we can help you choose a lake close neough that you can have all the fun you want. It will all depend on what you want to do , run your boat or hook up at one of the party coves. Keep in touch . Come to Granbury and meet some of our big boats here on this lake. TTUL Bill " cookieman"

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    Bad Puddy Tat
    Thanks for the welcome I use to live in the Dallas area in the early 80's. I have been travelling back and forth to Dallas every week for the last 3 years. Finally got to be too much so I'm packing the family up . We will be living in the Plano area(Where my office is). I am aware of Lewisville and Texoma. Lived in Houston for a few years and use to go to Sommerville. Never heard of Granbury lake before but I welcome the invite. I like to get out there and run the boat when I get the chance. I need a bit of a run way when I get into the 120MPH range We are also into hooking up in a cove and putting down a few cold ones. I'll let you know when we get situated and come out to Grangury one weekend. Thanks for the info

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    Hey Bob as they say on the price is right "come on down". We are about 35mi. S.W. of Fort Worth. We have plenty of fast boats here in the lake . I know of at least 3 blown Eliminator 25' Cats thet run in the 120 - to 130 range. i also know of 1 30' Eliminmator with twin blown 850 hp motors on a cat. If you take Extreme boating magazine it was featured a few months ago. This lake is actually a river that is long but wide enough to run at high speeds. The lake does have stumpy areas but once you get the hang of the lake it is no problem to stay in the channel and run as fast as you want. We moved down here a few years back and we are glad we did to get away from the big city. This town is really growing and people are finding out about the lake. We would be glad to have you down sometime so the lake . Keep in touch. Bill

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