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Thread: Kachina Drone and 525 EFI

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    Took the plunge today and bought a 30' 2005 Kachina Drone with the 525 EFI. Does anyone know about how fast it will go and how reliable it will be??

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    Congrats on the purchase, Louie and the gang were great to deal with. I can't say what it will do, but I can tell you that my 26 did exactly what Louie said it would. 62mph right out of the box, only a 496HO, it may loosen up a bit with time. He made no exaggerations about performance and I liked that. The bottom part of that boat is a tried and true design from Kachina, the only really new part is the upper half, so whatever they told you is based on experiance I would say.

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    25 Eagle
    How much are those boats? The Drone looks pretty cool. My guess on speed with a single would be low 60's? The Merc stuff should be reliable, don't know about the rest of the boat. How many do they sell a year, not much talk about them.

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    I believe this will be the first mid- cabin Kachina Drone ever .
    Cost for this boat is $100,000 that included tax and registration , list was $74,900.
    I just spoke with Louie ; He says empty it should do 73 mph

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    This is Louie's demo boat

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    trying to send a picture

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    Cool lookin' boat, but I'm not too hip on the name (Drone don't sound too sporty to me). A buddy of mine has an '03 Shadow 30 with a 500EFI, he gets mid to upper 60's. Sweet boat!

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    Havasu Cig
    Is there not enough room to run twins? 30' is pushing it IMO for a 30' boat.

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    That boat is so cool, they did the kachina name in melting ice across the top. here are some pics from the kachina website. I love that chrome outdrive. Louie makes about 80 boats a year, he also did the paint work on that Bourget (sp) boat , the red one with the burning 100 dollar bill. He has some awesome people working there.http://www.***

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    OK so how do they do it, that can't all be gel.

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