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Thread: Daytona 500

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    yippee! anyone else looking forward to it?

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    hell yes

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    Oh yeah, I'll be glued to the TV

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    I've watched the replays so much I know the words Is it Sunday yet

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    damn skippy, last weekend i was jones'in so bad i watched a few of my own race vids,
    We always have a big 500 party

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    we always have a daytona party also. and pools

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    Hell Yeah Girlie.
    I know you will be going crazy, as will we....

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    Flying out Thursday. Suite tickets at the start / finish line. Garage passes for all 3 days, and the Nascar party on Friday night. Can't wait as I have never been to Daytona and it should be a great race as long as the weather holds. They are calling for a possible shower or two on Sunday and a full blown out storm on Monday so they better get it in. By the way... Seeing as these boards are mainly Chevy folks, did you all notice 4 of the top 5 are Fords?.:eek!: Roush and Yates have teamed up to build some BIG POWER for Ford Motorsports and it could be interesting.

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    DEI all the way. My money is on #8

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    you and the little women ought to come on down. southwest 39 beans!

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