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Thread: Question on 460 Rebuild kits

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    How good is this kit from e-bay? Ebay 460 kit ( I know it wont be a high reving , high performance kit, but how much would it take (abuse that is)? Ant

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    Summit Racing offers similar kits with better components, such as forged pistons and double-roller timing chain. It's about $150 more...but a better value. The ebay deal says nothing about the cam included in the package...
    If you must resort to such a kit for your marine application, pass on the Ebay kit and buy the Summit kit. Be sure to disassemble your engine first and determine what size pistons, bearings etc. are needed before ordering the kit.
    Ideally, it would be best pass on such kits and instead custom build your engine to your specific application.

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    Thanks lakes.......Just curious

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    I have a kit from PAW that I couldnt use because of the smog man it has all the goodies forged pistons nice head work and things like that there is a bunch more you are more than welcome to take a lok and tear it apart it has about 100 miles on it if that give me a call and let me know if you are interested 661 943 2187

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    WHOOPS you are in NY sorry

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