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Thread: *Who's going out to Havasu this weekend (Presidents Day)

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    79 HUSTLER
    Anyone going out this weekend. Where is the best spot on the water to post up for the fireworks on Saturday. Are they set off at the same spot as July 4th show. What time does it usually start on Sat. night. First time making this event and hope its good cuz its going to be cold out there at night. KELLY

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    I am going to and would like to hear the answers.

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    I will be there saturday to monday,

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    Last year the fireworks were shot off from Sara Park (south end of town). We watched from Thompson Bay, and had a great view.

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    We will be there in from Friday night until Monday. I am sure we will drop anchor in THompson's bay and have a few cocktails for the show.

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    ill be there, i hope with my boat...derek

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    Havasu Luvr
    Friday - monday
    Kelly, looking forward to seeing your ride in person

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    well be there, but in parker!! is the show really worth going and watching?
    seems like it would be so freakin cold taking the boat on the water....

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    We will be there. We are taking the boat out on Saturday. The forecast is 76 degrees. I will trailer it as soon as it gets cold....thats below 70 degrees for those of you not from AZ or CA. Maybe we can tough it out to 68 or 69. We will be watching fireworks from the golf course or the backyard. If I remember right, last year there were fireworks on Thurs and Friday at Sara park. Saturday was the big show over Thompson bay. How's the water level?? Has anyone been up to Topock yet??

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    I'll be out on the water Saturday!

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