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Thread: King Cobra specs for Gnarley

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    spectras only
    Gnarley, here's the specsheet for the King Cobra.They rate the engine at 340 HP ,but the drive can take 500 for sure,hence that lower unit consist same strenght intrnals as OMC's V-8 outboard with 8 carburator used to be.I saw one in pieces once and it's a very stout unit.
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    Spectras only, thanks for the info! Any idea what year that publication is? The reason I ask is the big engine listed is a 460 Ford, not such a great performance engine. Mine is 1994 BBC 454 and I don't think the option for a 460 existed then. Nonetheless I would bet it is basically the same unit.
    Much thanks, http://free.***

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    spectras only
    Gnarley, I got the broshure around 1990.The BBC were around 330 HP then.The 460 was the choice for later single engined flybridge cruisers like 28 Bayliners, after a lot of complains by underpowered SB owners.The 460 has 500 footpounds of torque,so it was a great choice to repower by many.So if the Cobra leg could take that torque at like 2800 RPM, I wouldn't worry about breaking the leg with the HP coming on later at higher RPM's.

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    not guilty
    Originally posted by gnarley:
    reason I ask is the big engine listed is a 460 Ford, not such a great performance engine.
    Much thanks, http://free.***
    WHAT ????Man dont get me started. http://free.*** NG

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    NG, what do you mean don't get you started??? Come on... if it is in reference to the ford, sure they're reliable and make great torque out of the crate but the cylinder heads are restrictive on the exh side, that is why they are not the choice of engine builders who want to make some serious HP.

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    not guilty
    Then just get your little grinder out and get rid of those nasty bumbps like I do !
    Really though , I've been running a couple of different BBF's on the same KING DRIVES for 10 years with no problems.HP has been in the mid 400's(I know , hard to believe out of a FORD )I've been told by a few reputable shops that these things can handle 600 HP, just watch the hole shot.My motors out now and were putting a merc drive coupler on it , the OMC coupler cant handle the HP, if you need info on doing this let me know ,I even like helping bowtie guys when I can ! http://free.*** NG
    SPECTRAS - thanks for posting that spec sheet , kind of a cool thing to keep with my tub.If I could only get my D%@N printer to spit it out right .
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    NG, hey thats the sprit. I'd help any other boater if needed and even tow a Ford http://free.*** Seriously though I even owned a late model Ford stock car in the mid 80's no real dis like of Fords just seems the the chevy is cheaper to build. I'll give Ford all credit due when needed like those 600 inch Aussie motors! They are Bad-Ass, but mucho bucks!
    I would like to hear how you did the conversion though as a just in case measure. I have no doubt that I could squeeze 600 HP out of this motor so I will gladly take that advise to watch the hole shots. I'd really hate to break and have the ford towing http://free.*** me back as I am a Chevy man at heart.

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    Not Guilty,
    I have a 1987 King Cobra 460 in my 1987 Laveycraft. Its stock except for the Holley marine 800 double pumper and thru-hull. It runs strong but I am interested in what you have done to it. Its hard to find much for these motors. I have read that they came from OMC/Ford with Cobra Jet intake manifolds, but don't know much else. Anyway, thanks in advance for the help,

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    Hey, Not Guilty, I have a 5.8L with a king cobra drive from a 460 the one with that large hub and I have done a ton of mods.This year I'm putting a fully worked engine including a stroker and blower with everything else and will total around 600 hp at 5,600 rpms. What coupler are you talking about since I have the engine out and could do anything right now? Also what else have you experienced going wrong with that much power?

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    I forgot to ask another question. Last year I blew up my regular Cobra drive that came with the 5.8L and installed a King Cobra lower unit.I was told this one handles a lot more power then the 5.8L because it has a larger hub.I noticed that from 4800 rpms that I used to run I went down to 4200 rpms with the same prop, but goes the same top speed. What gives? Are the gears lower in the King Cobra or did I slow down from dragging the bigger hub?

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