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Thread: An Update

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    Just a quick update to what is going on with my new boat. Everything has worked out with Caliber, and I will be bringing my new baby home in 2 weeks. The boat is there almost competely finished with the motor in it. It is going to Stratton Marine on Wednesday for the interior. They need it for at least 5 days, then back to Caliber to finish up, and paint our name on the back and CF #'s. So the wife and I plan to head to the lake next weekend!! I can't wait!

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    Congrats!!!! That is great.

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    the waitng sucks!
    but at least it's allmost over!

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    Tom Brown
    I'm excited for you.
    I hope you enjoy the new boat.

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    congrats and ride in it happily and safely..

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    Congratts on the new ride. My boat was out for three years but the last weak was the most painfull......

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    Originally posted by SoCalHD
    Just a quick update to what is going on with my new boat. Everything has worked out with Caliber........
    Just curious, what had to be worked out?
    Signed, a fellow Caliber 1 owner!

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    I just saw Whipped Calibers new boat this weekend. It came out awesome. Its gonna look great in the water!
    Unleashedclothing (

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    Congrats from another fellow Caliber owner. I know they've been flamed on a couple times here but when the dust settles I think they build a pretty decent boat. Post some pics when you get it.

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    With regard to what happened/had to be worked out-I ordered the boat 9-2-03 and was told 8-10 weeks. Yesterday was 23 weeks since ordering my boat. They had some issues that they had to work out from the business side of things, and to keep my wife and I happy and keep our business-many extras were thrown in :-) It has been frustrating, but I know that I am getting an excellent boat for the price. My boat, as equipped, would have been at least 10-15,000 more from anyone else as compared at the boat show a few weeks ago. I do have pictures, but I'm a lame ass and can't post them :-( I only have the work computer, but could email if someone wants to help out.

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