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    I know this has been posted before, but I lost the link. Someone posted a link to a place for rub rails. I'm looking for the aluminum type that have the vinyl cover that goes in the center. (rather I want all vinyl, but nevermind)
    If anyone can help, please do.

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    betty boop
    good thing i didn't respond to this - i had a whole other idea of what a "rub rail" was !!!!!!!

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    Originally posted by sunbunny
    good thing i didn't respond to this - i had a whole other idea of what a "rub rail" was !!!!!!! You had it right . There all wrong.:wink:

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    Rex Marine gave me a number to a place very close to you and they have a good selection. So just call Rex Marine. Or did you mean the other rub rail w/ vinal?

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    Tom Brown
    Is that clip a little truncated or is it just me? There's no footage of that horrendous bloody sound coming from their mufflers.

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    Who says the crack pipe won't affect your brain?

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