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Thread: Crack in the U-joint Bellows? Help/Advise

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    H20 Party Starter
    I just had a shop pull the outdrive and replace the gimble bearing a month ago, both times I have put the boat in the water since then it has been leaking "too-much" water into the bilge.
    I took the boat back to the shop and they now diagnosed the new problem.
    A crack in the U-joint Bellows
    Do you think this was his fault?.........How else would the bellows get cracked?...........How often does that happen.
    He wants close to $500 parts and labor to fix it. argue
    any advise?

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    Havasu Hangin'
    I'd say that's not a "new" problem- a gimble bearing will usually goes bad from exposure to water.
    Those bellows do go bad. They get brittle and crack. I replace mine every couple of years (only $80 or so)- cheap insurance against a big bill.
    To help them last longer, store your boat with the outdrive in the "down" is kinked less in the down position.

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    H20 Party Starter
    Thanks HH.........I appreciate the response............
    but it would have been nice to hear......"no.....**** that guy...It's his fault" lol
    That's what I was afraid of frown

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    Havasu Hangin'
    H20 Party Starter:
    Thanks HH.........I appreciate the response............
    but it would have been nice to hear......"no.....**** that guy...It's his fault" Well...without knowing all the details...
    ...the bellows were probably bad before. Was there water damage to the bearing? If so, ask him why he didn't catch it.
    Or perhaps the bellows cracked after the install. They never get put back on in the same position, so the added stress may have sent them over the edge.
    Either way, I would argue that the bellows don't go bad overnight, so he should have recommended changing them when the outdrive was off.
    Offer to pay for the bellows, but have him pick up the labor to R&R the outdrive.
    Is that better?

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    H20 Party Starter
    Now yer talkin wink
    H2O vs. "The Shop"

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    Havasu Hangin'
    H20 Party Starter:
    H2O vs. "The Shop"Just use words like "pre-existing condition"..."danger to my family"...and "my lawyer told me..."
    $80 is better than $500...I always say.

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    "they now diagnosed the new problem."
    That's because they Did Not Diagnose the Problem the 1st Time...... They treated the Symtom, rather than the Problem.... Havasu Hangin' is So Right.....
    BTW, I'd replace All the Bellows, Hoses,+ the Lower shift cable while it's already apart....And, if you're into the T+T gauge,+ limit switch, That would be a Very Good Time to Inspect the truoblesome wiring for them......
    Your Shop should have mentioned all this the 1st time around....

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    Dr. Eagle
    Right on Bondo, Sounds like the shop is kind of doing a halfbaked job. Those bellows do have a finite life span and must be replaced regularly. I don't know if that is two years, I did mine about four years. If you can handle getting the drive off yourself it is pretty easy to change the bellows.

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