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Thread: Reach up and spin the tires!

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    That is some crazy ass shit.
    I would not want to sit on that beach, VERY COOL PHOTO'S

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    Thats really cool! I need to have a relaxing day under landing aircraft like that

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    St Maarten is my favorite vacation spot. We've been there several times, that is just one of over 300 beaches on the island and most of them are at least topless beaches. It's also the cheapest place to buy booze that I've ever seen. I could use another vacation there.

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    Originally posted by AdrenelineOD
    Thats really cool! I need to have a relaxing day under landing aircraft like that
    I would move down the beach away from the landing strip

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    seems like you would get sandblasted when it landed!
    http://www.*** :eek!:

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    Seems to me, with over 300 beaches, one could find a quieter place to relax.

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    Great pictures, I agree, I think they could find a quieter beach to relax at.

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    roln 20s
    Where is this place? How much does it cost to get there?
    Roln 20s

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    It's one of the Caribbean islands. It is pretty expensive to fly there since there are only a couple of major airlines that fly there from the US (I know American is one of them). The airport code is SXM if you want to look up ticket prices. The last couple of times that we've flown there I've use my frequent flyer miles. The island is unique in that half of it is Dutch owned and the other half is French, we prefer to stay on the Dutch side but the island is only about 40 sq miles so you can visit the other side without a problem.
    I was wrong about the # of beaches, I looked it up and there are only 37. (I was getting it confused with Antigua that has 365). The main attraction of that beach is to be able to watch the planes come in. It isn't LAX so there aren't landings every 5 minutes, I would suspect only about a dozen flights a day or so. I know that Barney would love it there since being Dutch there are lots of roadside stands $1 Heinekens:

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