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Thread: Crashed B29 Lake Mead History Channel now

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    The B-29 that crashed in 1948 near mid-point, Lake Mead is on History Channel now...

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    Have sonar, have dove there, don't have History channel, Plaeas tape it for me

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    I watched it and it was pretty cool. Although seeing Mead made me yearn for summer.

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    Was that the "Sun Tracker" flight?

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    yup, that's the one

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    Damn suntracker where was it? I bet the government dove down right after the accident and got it.

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    Watched that program, that was cool, and everbody got out alive.

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    This is interesting!!!
    Go to and check it out.
    He is the one who discovered the aircraft and dove on it for a year or so before turning it over to the N.P.S.
    And get this: They were way pissed at him for using a side scan sonar in there lake. Course they and all other underwater discovery devices are prohibited in the National Park System.

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    sounds like something i'd read about in one of Clive Cussler's non-fiction books. cool link

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