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Thread: !SPAM! Boat for sale!!

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    I'm going through a divorce and will not be able to afford to keep my boat , so someone is going to end up w/ a great ride.
    The boat is a 97 Cee Bee Avenger 20'. It is powered by a 97 200EFI mercury. The boat is set up really well. It has run 83.4MPH on GPS @ 5800 RPM, and has turned the same prop to 6100RPM at sea level (didn't have GPS at the time).
    Boat will seat 7 adults comfortably, and still run 70. Pulls skiers w/o problems, and is VERY clean.
    Asking 14,500

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    Very easy to drive, yet challenging when driving hard

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    Sorry to hear it CH.
    You come to the river this summer, we'll give you a ride.

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    sure looked like nice at Pyramid when you brought it out.
    You did mention this when you were out there sorry to hear it has to happen:yuk:

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    Originally posted by OGShocker
    Sorry to hear it CH.
    You come to the river this summer, we'll give you a ride.
    Thank You. I'll end up in something else eventually.

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    Last Pic (for now)
    I have more pics, and a Dig. Camera if anyone wants particulars. It is currently getting a custom Burgandy cover made for it, Very cool looking.
    Any questions my e-mail is

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    I'll give you $500.00 and if I don't like it you can have it back in a couple of months(or however long a divorce takes) for the same:wink:

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    Doug H.
    Jetdriver (shaun) otta be all over this since he just sold his ride and will be boat less at CBBB.......................come on shaun.
    Hey i got an idea you can buy my COMMANDER with all the attention they have been getting lately you know it's a great boat plus it floats when flipped upside down, just get some buddys and put it right side up, it's that easy. hahaha

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    Doug H.
    Im feeling a little emotional now i just may not finish this po

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