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Thread: When in Doubt - Shotgun Scoop!

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    Here are the various motors owned and built by Cyclone that have been topped off with the famous "Shotgun Scoop"
    I wonder what it will be on next!

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    Can I get a picture of the back of the engine? I'd like to see how he mounted his puke tank...

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    Big Proppa
    All I can Say is - This is going to be a great f%#kin summer - can't wait to see it in person

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    Apr 2010
    Lookin good! I was wondering about that puke tank too, why so high up? Just curious.I cant believe how tall that motor is, looks bad ass.
    I hear it makes good power too, looks like Cyclones gonna have a good summer.
    Man you guys keep steppin it up a notch. If you dont have 1000 horse for this summer you aint chit.

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    No good photo's Disco, but he has 2 L brackets that mount off the rear carb mounting studs, which are mounted to the puke tank.

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    Originally posted by cs19
    I hear it makes good power too
    Must have seen it at the track then...

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    Jake W
    Dam that muther is tall.What kind of headers is Mike gona run?ZOMMIES?

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    Looks like you're gonna move a "little" more water this year!
    Any speed guestimate's yet? I'm gonna go w/ 111!

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    Wow that is way cool.
    I guess the Superchiller discussion was successful.
    Nothin like a blower belt screaming in your face if in the back seats.

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    Jim Brock
    Is there room for the coastguard flame arresters in there,? Jim

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